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Bimal Sinha rescues a bunch of Indian teenagers from East Pakistani soldiers – By Karunamay Sinha
05 June, 09

Bimal Singha forces autocratic principal to resign,
(By Karunamay Singha)
, 06 june 09

Lion heart Bimal Singha’s trembling courage brings justice
to molested girl
(By Karunamay Singha)

Bimal Singha, the Gladiator who risked his own life fighting the deadly land sharks(By Karunamay Singha)

The Unsung Creative Genius and Tripura’s first feature film maker - Bimal Singha (By Karunamay Singha)

Incredible, impossible literary exploits of the mighty Bimal Singha

The Tribal’s Misery, a raging obsession for Bimal Singha

Bimal Singha’s remarkable bloodstreams - Ghana Singha, one of the Bishnupriya Manipuris’ first political leaders and his grandfather

Bimal Singha’s father, the daredevil Laxmi Kanta Sinha

Conflicts that Bimal Singha faced as a leader, as a politician.

Bimal Singha’s Death - A CID inquiry and not a CBI inquiry.

End of Bimal Singha Week, by CEO desk


Besides Bishnupriya Manipuri, his mother tongue. Bimal Singha also wrote in Bengali and he was a great connoisseur of Kokborok literature. Some of Bimal Singha’s acclaimed works are:
1.      Longtorai: his magnum opus. A vivid portrayal of life in Longtorai, a hill in Tripura. Under running the portrayal is an almost surrealistic story of what can be termed natural love, estrangement, hunger, famine, diaspora, repatriation and reunion. An all-encompassing account of the Reang community with great anthropological value. Calcutta University has recently included this novel in the course of Bengali literature for Master’s degree students.

2.      Takhaparar Itikatha: A collage of the lives of Reangs, Tripuris, Aslongs, Noatias and other tribes with an assortment of historiettes, legends and anecdotes framing it. The touching story of love could be said to be on par with the greatest love stories of the world. A love-struck tribal boy climbs up an un-scalable tree to collect crow eggs, which he was told would cure his ailing beloved. Once he had reached the dizzying heights at the top of the tree, crows begin to peck at him mercilessly. He loses his balance and falls to death.

3.      Manaiham: The breathtaking tale of Jainham, a fearless tribal boy who, displaying astonishing courage and innovation, raided the nest of a pair of Mynah at the dizzying height of a virtually unconquerable shimul tree and snatched two bird young lings. His mad love for the birds almost tranquillized him. But the rebel in him flared up when a trader to whom his father owed money took away the birds.
4.      Karachi Theke Longtorai: A plane from Karachi crashed into Longtorai hill in 1953. The tribesmen of Longtorai scooped up huge amounts of gold from the wreckage. But the simple hill-men, unaware of the preciousness of gold fell prey to clever traders and lost the gold in chunks and lumps to them. Kartik Tripura who had the good fortune to grab hold of the largest share of gold turned into a pauper in later life who had to live on alms. The has-been turned into a Sadhu and spent the rest of his life in the illusory world of ganja.
5.      Raima Uptyakar Katha: A hair-raising account of the tribesmen of Tripura’s Raima valley turning around to protect their land and resist eviction. For a proposed dam on the river Gomti, the tribesmen were asked vacate a huge area. Forces were dispatched to evict the populace. The tribesmen resolve to give fight instead of surrendering their ancestral land. The most rebellious of all his works.
6.      Titas Theke Tripura: A touching tale of a Bengali Brahmin boy who likes many others was compelled to leave ancestral home in East Bengal and seek refuge in Tripura hills, his adaptation to the new set-up and his struggle to find new meanings of life.

Besides these, Ingelleir Meyer Biye, Alor Thikana, Dhire Bahe Dhalai,Gopaler Chelebela, Basarer Thakuma, Kansar Bati, jabed Alir Ajan, Bipather Pathik, etc. bear testimony to his literary genius as belonging to a very uncommon genre and  class. Madan  Mohan Mukhopadhyay, one of the most respected Bishnupriya Manipuri poets, a recipient of the Assam government’s pension for litterateurs writes:

Abhanga, live through to be an
Abiding witness;
Today or tomorrow,
One day or the other
Shall I come
To know from you
How the bullet pierced Bimal’s
Heart .
Have no fears, veil no facet,
Keep alive every detail till I come;
Abhanga, the Bimal saga’s there to be sung.

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