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Bimal Sinha rescues a bunch of Indian teenagers from East Pakistani soldiers – By Karunamay Sinha
05 June, 09

Bimal Singha forces autocratic principal to resign,
(By Karunamay Singha)
, 06 june 09

Lion heart Bimal Singha’s trembling courage brings justice
to molested girl
(By Karunamay Singha)

Bimal Singha, the Gladiator who risked his own life fighting the deadly land sharks(By Karunamay Singha)

The Unsung Creative Genius and Tripura’s first feature film maker - Bimal Singha (By Karunamay Singha)

Incredible, impossible literary exploits of the mighty Bimal Singha

The Tribal’s Misery, a raging obsession for Bimal Singha

Bimal Singha’s remarkable bloodstreams - Ghana Singha, one of the Bishnupriya Manipuris’ first political leaders and his grandfather

Bimal Singha’s father, the daredevil Laxmi Kanta Sinha

Conflicts that Bimal Singha faced as a leader, as a politician.

Bimal Singha’s Death - A CID inquiry and not a CBI inquiry.

End of Bimal Singha Week, by CEO desk


End of Bimal Singha Week, by Brahmanad Sinha, 22 June 09

I would personally extend my gratitude and thanks to Mr. Karunamay Sinha who has reintroduced to the whole community with the tallest leader of Bishnupriya Manipuri, Shri Bimal Sinha. I hereby officially thank Karunamay on behalf of www. bishnupriyamanipuri.org.   and the community as well who with his precious words has described Late Bimal Singha, the astute political leader, the Messiah of  Tribal’s, the Author, the Son of the Soil. It is unquestionably a gift to whole of the community, also to Gen-X as it has been archived in www. bishnupriyamanipuri.org.

Notwithstanding, every individual of bishnupriyamanipuri community is familiar with the name Bimal Singha but most are not aware of the stubborn, agile , belligerent and the astute politician in him. The series of articles has indeed unplugged Sh. Bimal Singha, the greatest son of Bishnupriya Manipuri who inherited the legacy from his grandfather the first Bishnupriya Manipuri MLA Shri. Ghana Singha.
 It is not only for the political reasons that Bimal Singha associated himself and proved as the messiah of the tribals from Tripura like the Kokborok, Reangs, Tripuris, Aslongs and others. But he was also legitimately concerned for the unnoticed and the underprivileged. And the first feature film of Tripura “Longtorai” definitely indicates his concern for the deprived community. The agitations and mass protests to the authority during the student life be in the case of giving justice to the molested girl issue, or compelling the principal of a school to resign and many others loudly depict that he was a born leader. His literary ability is clearly demonstrated in his novels like, Titas theke Tripura, Basaner Thakuma, Takahparar Itikatha, and many more, not to mention his novel has been included in the academic syllabus by Calcutta University.
Bimal Sinha was a man of masses who never confined himself serving any particular community but to all irrespective of caste and religion if he has helped Bishnupriya Manipuri population to evacuate from Bhanubil at the time of 1971 war on the other hand he helped many Bengali Muslims fighting with Pakistani soldiers.
Bimal Singha definitely grew as a leader larger than life and he was emerging as a potential threat to the greedy who is who of the entire political class of Tripura. Reason why a cold movement was started by few bigwigs of the state to suppress the growing supremacy of. Bimal Singha. Taking this hostility to its barbaric pinnacle, he has been eliminated . Sh. Bimal Singha was assassinated by few miscreants. There is definitely a mystery surrounds his death and raised many doubts to the authority for ordering only a CID enquiry not a CBI enquiry, and any concrete result for the investigation has not come yet. But we know a day will come when all those forces would be uncovered who were instrumental in Bimal Singha‘s killing and will be brought to books.
www.bishnupriyamanipuri.org  is committed to raise the issue and already started a campaign to catch light a movement to unearth those faces.

It may take centuries to have another Bimal Singha in Bishnupriya Manipuri community but his philosophy, acts, contribution certainly made himself the idol for the Gen-x.
We pay tribute to this legendary statesman and pray for the peace of the heavenly soul. Bimal Singha is physically departed but his works, philosophy and contribution will remain forever.
We on behalf of www.bishnupriyamanipuri.org  intend to propose to all the social organization of Bishnupriya Manipuri community to observe the birth day of Bimal Singha as “ Pragati Divas” .
We also feel every individual of the community must ignite a Bimal Singha within himself in order to combat all the pejorative threats the community faces and to make our presence felt in the centuries to come….

By the CEO, bishnupriyamanipuri.org


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