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People!!! This is a slightly different Dude of the Week. No questions have been asked here. No answers taken. No BMQ test conducted. A great man once said, ‘In some cases, you don’t ask questions. You just keep your mouth shut and do the needful – which is realize, recognize and recognize loud and clear’. Clean applause – no idiotic, cunning self protecting strategic appreciation. No backhanded or stingy compliments, but plain, genuine applause for a good, honest work done. Many a times, well most of the times a compliment or recognition is not directly proportional to a good job done. At times an appreciation is deliberately misplaced or given a cursory mention. We detest this skill. It is a fine form of cowardice.

We stay away from such delicate forms of Art in practice or in principle!

This week’s Dude of the Week is a salute to a young, dashing Bishnupriya Manipuri youngster who single handedly (well, almost) initiated an event early this month.
It was the 8th of March 2009, New Delhi – a team from Tripura headed by Pt. CK Sinha came to the capital and conducted a small but an insightful event. Read ‘Bishnupriya Manipuris successors of Hastinapur?’ by Pt. CK Sinha in the section Tokta Yaari to see the details. The event took off because of a certain Pranesh Sinha, your Dude of this Week. From the venue to the tent; from informing people to the overall coordination, it was done in an easy, friendly and a systematic way. The whole deal is not about being able to pull off an event at a shockingly short notice. The whole deal is about the willingness to take on a responsibility, have the bloody cheek to fulfill that responsibility and yet be impossibly humble. Pranesh has proved that he fits this bill to the T.

But guys, Pranesh doesn’t know yet that he is the Dude of this Week! However, in case you happen to know him, just punch your delicate fingers and pass him on the good news!

Click here to see his fact file. We laid our hands on it through our online sting operation specialists. Shhhhh!!! (Henryy Sinha)

Name: Pranesh Sinha

Date of birth: 15th of October 1983, Libra

Schooling: K V Kunjaban

University: Tripura University, Sikkim Manipal University

Brand of music: Punk Rock, Death Metal, Alternative

Fashion Statement: Denim, canvas

Lokei: Leimaha Lokei

Hometown: Kailashahar, Tripura

Current City: New Delhi

Occupation: Quality Consultant

Online presence: Facebook, Orkut

Relationship: Refused to comment!

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Watch out this space for the next BM Dude/ Dudette of the Week.You might be the next.

Aims to encourage Bishnupriya Manipuri youth talent. In case you have a friend, brother, sister, daughter or son who fits the bill, sends his/her details at bishnupriyamanipuri@gmail.com. He or she might be the next Dude/Dudette of the Week!

Santosh Kumar Singha, Banglore
commented on 28th Mar, 09
time : 18.38 hours

Pranesh Sinha really deserves to be the dude of this week. Its my personal belief that a Bishnupriya Manipuri guy although very much successful in his career but does not contribute at all for the development of the community is inelligible to be the dude. I say Bravo to Pranesh Sinha as he himself has taken the initiative and overall responsibility to organise the program which is appreciable. The maturity and love whatever he has shown for his own people will definitely ignite the Bishnupriya manipuri youths and even elders to take initiative to do something for community atleast in leisure time. I wish a successful career and peaceful life to Mr. Pranesh Sinha


Dipankar Sinha, Shillong
commented on 28th Mar, 09
time : 06.00 hours

cheers pranesh....I\'ve just known you online....n i\'m glad i did...:)..hope to meet u soon..:)

Debapriyo Sinha, Chennai
commented on 29th Mar, 09
time : 16.07 hours

Hiiiii......., it’s indeed nice to see someone near and dear to me as the dude of the week this time. I would like to say, whoever has given this idea of introducing a segment to recognizing and thus boosting up the confidence level of the growing talents and potentials of the community is truly praiseworthy. I’ve always been a silent spectator of this website, and this \'dude/dudette of the week\' section in particular and frankly speaking the guy who got selected this week was the one my expectations were zeroing at from the first day I came across this segment. Reasons are countless.......... Wish him all the best in his future................


Jason Sinha(Agartala, Tripura)
3rd Apr, 09

Subject : Pranesh my heartiest Congratulation on Being Dude

Words fall short when it come to describe Pranesh and his virtues. He is dyanamic,can do anythin, from eye catching dressing to helping anyone without any expectation who comes in contact with him. What can you expect more and when it comes to help frends,he is always there without expecting a thank you. I am not writing all these because he is my friend but I really mean.He is a very nice human with beautiful heart which makes him more beautifull and I really would like to thank him for the wonderful work that he did for our community on 8th of March 2009. I really appreciate his desire to work for our community inspite of being indulge in preofessional life. Thanks Pranesh for your precious time that you gave tou our community for the betterment and we respect your work and feelings that you have in your heart for Bishnupriya Manipuri.


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