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Jyotiprakash Sinha, Mumbai - Mar 12 - march 23
Pranesh Sinha, New delhi - Mar 28 to Apr 06


(Manna's good looks, subtle grit and confidence coupled with his ambitious streak makes him our unanimous pick for this week's Dude of the Week.  Check out  his designs and some of his pics!)

BM Org: Hi Jyotiprakash. Congrats on being our Dude of the Week. Did you see our campaign on you?
Jyotiprakash: Yeah I saw. Scandals, reality shows!!!  I don't deserve the hype. I have just started  my struggle. But thanks for your kind words and please call me Manna.

BM Org: We want to know more about you?
Manna: I am from Baromuni, Silchar. My father's name is  Mr. Jatindra Kumar Sinha and my mother's name is Mrs. Shefalika Sinha. Dad is an Accountant and mom is a housewife. I was born in 30 Dec 1981.


BM Org: Capricorn! Oscar winner A R Rahman is also a Capricorn!  Great. Tell us how did fashion designing happen?
Manna: I always wanted to do something creative, glamorous. I also have a knack for designing. I like good clothes, people in good clothes. So...you see.....it was a natural choice.

BM Org: How was the journey from Baromuni to Mumbai?
Manna: Very very very tough. There was a huge communication problem since I could not speak English that fluently. So interviews, socializing wasn't at all easy for me.  It was a culture shock  in many many ways initially. It's different how you deal with people, issues, life out here and its different how you deal with things back home. The going was tough and thanks to it – I have learnt my lessons, I am more experienced now. Also the tough times have made me stronger then before. It's just not about success. Its about how you tackle life.

BM Org: Boring question. Who inspired you?
Manna: Definitely not any fashion designer  but my elder brother Jyotirmoy Sinha. He taught me to stand my ground in any situation whatsoever; my parents for constantly supporting me and having given me the liberty to choose the trade I wanted to. Normally parents are sceptical to let their kids pursue  any non conventional line of working like  fashion designing or modeling. I am lucky that ways!

BM Org: Whom are you working with currently?
Manna: Fashion Designers Abujani and Sandeep Khosla.


BM Org: Wowwww. How does it feel?
Manna: Absolutely cool. The guys are great to work and learn from. I repeat, I am lucky to be working  with them.

BM Org: What do you plan to do in the future?
Manna: Many plans in fact. I know its very very difficult. Along with hard work, I will need a stroke of luck too. I want to make my parents, my community and my country proud someday. Do good work, get associated with important names and finally launch my own fashion line – someday. I will need all your blessings!

BM Org: Of course, we are sure you will make it. And next time we will feature your interview in the Power Speak section! Now lets get on to our BMQ round. Ready?
Manna: Yeah sure.
BM Org: Whats BMQ?
Manna: Bishnupriya Manipuri Quotient! Lol.

BM Org: I guess that was too easy for you. You are laughing loud!!!  Take this. Who is the first Bishnupriya Manipuri choreographer in Bollywood?
Manna: I know it. Himu Sinha. He had even come to the popular television show by Farooq Sheikh, Jeena Isi Ka  Naam Hai, where Farah Khan was the main guest.

BM Org: Absolutely bang on ! What does this mean, ' Udarir Ningsha Karekura' ?
Manna: Someone who is too weak to even live life on his own. I read it on the site's Thota Krishna section.

BM Org: Recently a big Bishnupriya Manipuri event happened? What was it and where?
Manna: Golden Jubilee of the Mahasabha, at Kailashahar, Tripura.


BM Org: Awesome Manna. We all bless you. Always remain like this. Never let success go to your head. May you achieve loads and loads of fame. And yeah, we are expecting your interview on Power Speak on this site, someday.
Manna: Thank you for selecting me. This interview will always be a very special one for me.

(Manna's good looks, subtle grit and confidence coupled with his ambitious streak makes him our unanimous pick for this week's Dude of the Week.  Check out  his designs and some of his pics!)

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Santosh Kumar Singha
commented on 13th Mar, 09
time : 12.32 hours

I am very glad to see my friend Jyotipakash i.e. Manna's interview in this website. I wish him all the best for his career.
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