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Dhrubapada Sinha , Guwahati - JULY 18 - 26


Dhrubapada Sinha , Guwahati - JULY 18 - 26 DATE : 19 JULY, 09

The last few months have been a dry spell in the Dude of the Week section. To tell you the reason, we did not want to upload solely for the sake of performing our weekly ritual- uploading.
www.bishnupriyamanipuri.org has dedicated this section to exceptional, promising Bishnupriya Manipuri youngsters who carry a distinct DNA in their respective profiles and personalities. A funky tattoo or an appointment letter from an MNC solely cannot propel one to feature in this section. Only youngsters with genuine talent laced with humility, humanity and clear vision for self, the community and the country are the definite choices here. Here, style does matter. But substance matter more.

Our search has been long but it’s been quite fruitful.
Introducing Dhrubapada Sinha as this week’s Dude of the Week. Read on please.

  • How did you come to know about our site? Long back I glanced the Orkut profile of Jyotirmoy da, there I find this wonderful thing. 
  • Tell us something about yourself that's not there on your Orkut or Facebook profile? The small and simple journey starts in the laps of parents Sri Dhaneswar Sinha and Smt Shoba Rani Sinha of Baromuni, Silchar. The small kid leaves home at class six and completed up-to HS in Navodaya, Silchar. Engineering degree was from Assam Engineering College, Guwahati. If name has it importance then, my dear and near on call me “Shibu”.
  • How did you plan your career? Where do you intend to go? I’m pursuing the role of an OMC (Operation & Maintenance Centre) Lead and SME (Subject Matter Expert) for Motorola and ZTE System used in Reliance Telecom, Assam. We have few new vendors like Alcatel-Lucent and Huawei and thus ample opportunity to learn and work here. I do have plan to turn into management in next few years.
    To be true, for the next part of the question I’ll say “Abode of Krishna” is the best place to go.
  • Tell us your view on the current status of our community? What should be done immediately? I find most people live in frustration. Without mincing words I’ll say people rarely taste the sweetness of success. I take the opportunity to say to those people; please don’t consider success as a very big thing. Know your capabilities, set goals (e.g. for a poor student let 30 or 35% be his goal) and work hard for it. Do try, it will become a habit. Success of every single person will really contribute to the success of the community.  
  • As a youngster how do you think you can contribute to the community? Most people being economically poor, parent dedicates their whole life to bring up a child. Being young I have a desire to contribute to this field. I do have few plans to unveil. I wish for your helping hand then.
  • Sure why not. Name the first IITian in our community? Girok Joysen Jit Rajkumar. I came to know him the interview you had published. Thanks. 
  • Which is your favorite Thota Krishno line? Personally I don’t remember if I use anything such. But I can recall that our childhood mischievous behavior sometime annoyed mom and she often used the one “Kakarar malok khana”. Feel sorry for those acts now.
  • How many Lokeis do we have? The count is in seventies, I can hardly count nine. 


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Watch out this space for the next BM Dude/ Dudette of the Week.You might be the next.

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