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Probal Atreya, Banglore - Feb 26 - march 4


Vishal Sinha, new delhi - jan 17 - 25 DATE : 17 JAN, 09
(Prabal Atreya's intelligence, good writing skills and  easy down to earth attitude makes him this week's pick for the Dude of the Week!)

BM Org: Hi Prabal, something about yourself.
Prabal: 23-5-1980…A typical Gemini.
Parents- Born in a family of educationists, dad is a Professor and Mom, Principal (both retired). As expected, I do inherit their values, socio- cultural inclination.

BM Org: Whats your profession and why this profession?
Prabal: Business Analytics. Into Strategic sales forecasting and decision making.
I studied Management during my graduation and Masters; was inclined towards Sales/Marketing/Operations…so won't say it just happened, but it was very much planned.

BM Org:Tell us something about your school?
Prabal: Sainik School Goalpara, a residential school.
Two types of products come out of these institutions. One, a disciplined bugger and secondly, a lazy bum; I belong to the latter!!

On a serious note, learnt different cultures, learnt to respect them, became more social, lot of sports. But most importantly, my biggest lesson; it is this place that actually tought me self- motivation.

BM ORG: Bishnupriya Manipuri leaders you look upto?
Prabal: Would not rule out names here. Somehow, my upbringing taught me different facets of leadership and I rate them very highly. However, I have seen a small bunch displaying great characters and many failing miserably. Few in the grassroots actually deserved to be leading the pack and many chairing the top needs to re-think about their role and walk their way out.
My take- Let's for once get the right people in the right place, things will keep falling in place thereafter

BM ORG: What do you think is the youth's role? Your opinion?
Prabal: Youth! The strength of a country, state, community!!
First of all, let's understand the strength within us, how can we make a difference in the present system. This period is definitely the best in Indian history, its youth. Go find yourself, get recognised but take your community and culture along with it. Understand the social responsibility that goes with every human being. Let me also add that, if we miss the bus this time around, we would find ourselves in serious threat of extinction.

BM Youth Motto- Veni, Vidi, Vici.

BM ORG: Your brand of music.
Prabal: Not much into music these days. I shuffle between "Rolling Stone 100 Top guitar solos' and Mingal whenever I feel like. Look forward to the new releases from Bishnupriya Manipuri gangs.

BM ORG: Now our BMQ round. By now we hope you know what's it all about. Name a Bishnupriya Manipuri philosopher?
Prabal: Oh yeah, i do know whats BMQ! My mistake, 'am sure there are, but I don't know. No excuses but I consider my parents like that, and look forward for the biggest questions in life to them.

BM ORG: What is the lokei of Bhubeneshwar Sadhu Thakur?
Prabal: Cant say!. Perhaps Raja Lokei

BM ORG: Name a famous Ishalpa?
Prabal: Kalasena offcourse. I'd add another, I heard about another Ram Singh from Bangladesh.

BM ORG:Your take on the video culture?
Prabal: Well, I take it as a positive. Audio visual treat always plays a greater impact in the brain and hence more consumption of the product. However, there has to be sync between audio and video, keeping the essence of audio to video and vice-versa. Right visual management techniques are an important criteria. Yes, video is an important value add for the audio.

Lastly, my heartiest congratulations goes to the Bishnupriya Manipuri team for having come out with this portal, this surely is going to bridge in gaps. And for all of us, this is what is contribution, going out of our way to initiate, lead and spread the Bishnupriya Manipuri among us. Great example!!

Surely, there are lot of deserving BM candidates and dudes all over the world, the idea is to get them noticed, make the world feel that there are wonderful people in this community.

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